BMW Chases Family at 1 AM, Dashcam Helps Police Nab Culprits

In the recent road rage case from Greater Noida, the Police arrest the BMW driver and one of his companions. A video went viral recently, where a shocking incident was recorded. A family was travelling at night to a hospital in Greater Noida. Suddenly, a BMW coming from the opposite lane hit the side mirror of this car. However, the BMW turned around and tried to stop this family. There were at least four people in the Bimmer and they tried to attack the family.

Police Arrests BMW Driver

The video comes from Prateek Singh on YouTube. He had previously uploaded the video of the entire incident. The almost 9-minute-long dashcam footage revealed that the people in the BMW were even throwing something onto the car. They stopped the family for the second time. The woman in the car is evidently stressed about the whole situation and is seen trying to call her acquaintances to explain the entire situation. The man just kept driving away. After this video went viral, the Noida Police assured that they would act swiftly and catch the culprits.

Sure enough, the two persons that were involved in the attack have now been arrested and the BMW vehicle has been seized. Further investigation will take place in this case based on the dashcam footage. I can’t even begin to fathom how horrific the family would’ve been feeling when the goons in the BMW were chasing them. They even hit the car from behind in one case. I can only hope that justice is served so that people think twice before committing such acts.

Our View

I have been reporting shocking incidents on our roads for a long time now. It is utterly disappointing and unfortunate that people conduct themselves in such a way despite their own faults. The goon culture is extremely prevalent in and around Noida. This is a prime example of it. We can only hope and pray that people invoke a sense of reasoning and logic in themselves so that they can deal with such situations with a much calmer mind. Let us keep an eye out for what happens in this case going forward.

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