Brothers in UP Convert Maruti WagonR into Helicopter, Seized

A weird case has emerged from UP where two brothers convert their Maruti WagonR into a helicopter. We witness all sorts of questionable activities online. The Internet can be quite empowering, as well as misleading. It varies from situation to situation. For instance, this latest case might be an example of great innovation and creativity. But it also led to the vehicle being seized by the Police. Let us delve deep into the details of this case.

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UP Men Convert Maruti WagonR into Helicopter

This post comes from bcbilliofficial on Instagram. It captures the image of this strange contraption which comes from Uttar Pradesh’s Ambedkar Nagar. The front section of the old WagonR looks in place. However, the roof and the rear sections have witnessed such a metamorphosis, that it is beyond perception. Displaying their incredible ingenuity and creativity, they installed the top and rear sections of a helicopter on the WagonR. There is a large tail section at the rear and rotor blades on the roof. We are not certain if this actually is capable of flying.

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As per various news reports, this project was not complete yet. Before that, the Police played spoilsport and seized the vehicle-helicopter hybrid. But we are not even sure if the intent of the creators was to make this WagonR fly. They simply welded these components of a helicopter into the body of the WagonR. Perhaps, they were just looking to gain public reaction. We already reported one such case previously. There, the owner used it to rent out for wedding ceremonies and other such occasions to earn money. It is possible that these brothers had something like this in mind as well.

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UP Men Convert Maruti WagonR into Helicopter
UP Men Convert Maruti WagonR into Helicopter

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Author’s Note

We are thrilled and impressed by the spirit of Jugaad in India. It refers to the process of creating a solution to just about any problem using the resources at your disposal. Generally, these Jugaads don’t involve spending tons of money or performing extensive R&D. It is a temporary fix which makes the lives of the people easier. Let us keep an eye out for further developments in this case.

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