Civil Servant Driving Tata Harrier on Wrong Side Threatens Man

In a shocking video, a civil servant was spotted driving in his Tata Harrier on the wrong side of the road in Bihar. After creating a ruckus, he was even intimidating the other road user who was complaining about him being on the wrong side of the road. Civil servants are deputed to take care of the general public and address their issues. Unfortunately, we have scenarios where some of them are becoming the cause of the problems. That is simply disappointing and surprising. Let us take a look at the details here.

Civil Servant in Tata Harrier Drives on Wrong Side

This video is circulating on the internet. It captures the entire incident in the dashcam of a road user. He is driving on a busy road when a Tata Harrier comes from the opposite direction in the wrong lane. There is the board at the front which showcases the designation of the Civil Servant. The two cars stop in front of each other as no one is ready to move out of the way. The man comes out of the Harrier and starts to argue with the driver of the other car despite his fault. He tries to threaten this driver and assert his authority in a disrespectful manner.

Thankfully, this other driver had installed a dashcam in his car. He tells the Harrier owner that everything is being recorded in the camera. That is when the Civil Servant realised that he could get in trouble. Still, he doesn’t apologize. Instead, he sits back in his car and continues to drive in the wrong lane. That represents the pathetic situation of our government officials who are entrusted with upholding the laws in our constitution and maintaining law and order.

Author’s Note

India is home to such activities on a daily basis. It is high time we start taking traffic regulations seriously. Also, we see instances of people abusing their power every day. It is a great idea to record such activities on camera so that they can be presented as evidence later on or if the person decides to indulge in an argument. In most cases, knowing that everything has been recorded will dissuade the guilty party from pursuing the case further. Let us hope that higher authorities take cognizance of this matter and act accordingly.

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