Delhi Tourist Drives Hyundai Exter on Protected Turtle Beach in Goa

A frustrating case of a Delhi tourist driving a Hyundai Exter on Turtle Beach in Goa is doing rounds on the internet. We must understand that beaches are not for cars. Sure, a handful of beaches could allow cars but it is forbidden in most beaches in India and around the world. However, some people just don’t understand this. They think that they can do whatever they wish without facing the consequences. This appears to be one such case. Here are the details.

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Delhi Tourist Drives Hyundai Exter on Turtle Beach

This post comes from goa365tv on Instagram. The report confirms that this video has been going viral in the last couple of days. A tourist from Delhi, who currently resides in Goa, took his friend’s Hyundai Exter and drove it on the beach. Now, driving vehicles on the Turtle Beach in Goa is prohibited. As a result, a case has been registered against the miscreants. We hope that the authorities look into the matter seriously and do the needful as per the local law.

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Unfortunately, this is not the first time we have witnessed such an act. People often drive onto the beaches in their vehicles despite knowing that it is illegal to do so. We have reported instances in the past where the vehicles have even got stuck in the mud. We know that the sand around the shore is soft and mushy. If someone doesn’t pay enough attention, the tyres of the cars could sink into the sand. Then, the vehicle had to be towed out because accelerating the vehicle would cause the tyres to sink in further. Therefore, you must refrain from attempting something like this.

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Author’s Note

We would like to urge our readers to never perform such stunts. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, driving a car onto the beach is illegal in our country. Secondly, even if any beach allows you to take your car, there are chances that the vehicle could get stuck in the sand. Hence, you will invite trouble unnecessarily. Let us pledge to be responsible road users and make sure to adhere to the traffic rules and regulations at all times. If you find anyone attempting such a stupid act, make sure to report them to the authorities.

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