First New 2024 Maruti Swift with Aftermarket 20-inch Alloys

Merely a day after the launch of the new 2024 Maruti Swift, a buyer has taken the aftermarket route to slap on a set of huge 20-inch alloy wheels on his brand-new hatchback. Frankly, I’m not surprised here as many new car buyers immediately replace the stock wheels with fancier units to enhance the aesthetics. It’s important to mention here that the new-gen Swift gets 15-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels on the top-spec ZXI+ trim. Meanwhile, the lower versions offer 14-inch wheels. Let’s have a look at the small video that showcases this modification.

2024 Maruti Swift with Oversize 20-inch Alloy Wheels

This modification has been carried out at a tyre shop in Punjab. The video gives us a quick look at a white-coloured new-gen Swift that seems to be in the VXI trim. My guess of the variant comes from the fact that only the ZXI and ZXI+ trims come with the rear wash wipe – a feature unavailable on the car in the question. A careful look reveal the discrepancy in the design of the front and rear wheels. While both the sets are 20-inch units, they look a tad different. This is a fast-growing trend we’ve seen on many cars with aftermarket wheels.

The new rims definitely lend a bolder and more dynamic look to the 2024 Maruti Swift. The larger diameter not only fills the wheel arches better but even gives the vehicle a more aggressive stance. Meanwhile, the distinct design and size lend a huge touch of personalisation to the new hatchback.

Should I Install Oversize Aftermarket Alloy Wheels in My Car?

A lot of car owners take the aftermarket route to jazz up their vehicles through XL-size wheels. True, in most cases, these rims enhance the look of the car. However, it’s important to note the various disadvantages that such modifications can cause to your car.

  • Ride Quality and Handling: Alloy wheels bigger than the manufacturer-recommended standard have a negative effect on the ride as well as the handling. A stiffer ride and compromised high-speed stability are common outcomes of such a modification.
  • Poor Mileage: The higher weight and size of aftermarket alloy wheels affect the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. The higher weight makes it harder for the engine to move the wheels, This leads to compromised performance and higher fuel consumption.
  • Suspension Wear and Tear: The bigger size of alloy wheels exert a higher pressure on the suspension. Hence, this leads to pre-mature wear and tear of these components.
  • Warranty Issues: Finally, switching away from manufacturer’s recommended wheel size can even void the warranty of the vehicle.

Our View

Adding such oversize 20-inch aftermarket alloy wheels to the 2024 Maruti Swift has definitely made the new hatchback look more distinctive. It is, however, worth noting that a balance should be maintained between aesthetics and practicality. One should always keep in mind the disadvantages of shifting away from OEM recommendations. Doing so has a direct impact on the safety, performance and longevity of the vehicle.

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