Hero Splendor-Based Electric Bike Claims 118 km Range, Costs Rs 1.2 Lakh

The new electric two-wheeler manufacturers are coming up at an exponential pace to offer future-proof products.

The Hero Splendor-based Relecto electric bike represents what the future of the sustainable two-wheeler industry could look like in times to come. The electric revolution is upon us. Almost all automobile companies have ambitious plans to reduce their carbon footprints in the coming years. To realize those plans, electrification looks like the only way for mass adoption. During this time, many new startups have also joined the fray. One such two-wheeler manufacturer from Raipur, Chhattisgarh is Regeneration E Bikes. Relecto is its brand to sell electric bikes. Here are the details.

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Splendor-Based Relecto Electric Bike

This video comes from LowRider on YouTube. It captures an electric motorcycle which looks strikingly similar to the iconic Hero Splendor. Apparently, the automotive startup wanted to offer their customers something recognizable from the outside with a powertrain of the future. At the front, there is that rectangular headlamp which we have seen for decades on the Splendor. The side profile is also familiar with a fuel tank with body graphics, a single-seat setup, 17-inch alloy wheels, side body panels, a grab handle and a side protection grille. All in all, one could barely make out that this is not the traditional Splendor.

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Even though it might look like a Splendor, its electric powertrain sets it apart from it significantly. It carries a 3 kWh Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery and a BLDC Hub Motor. It allows power output of a decent 2 kW and the battery takes 4.5 hours to charge. This lends it a decent range of around 118 km. Even in real-world conditions, the bike should be able to generate a range of around 80-100 km, which is quite useful. The loading capacity is 180 kg. The electronic setup is housed where the traditional engine would have been. It retails for Rs 1.2 lakh, ex-showroom.

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What We Think

The electric wave has been gripping the nation for a while now. All segments of the Indian automobile industry are undergoing electrification. This is a prime example of it. There are so many emerging local players in the market that we will keep getting EVs are more and more affordable price points. That would boost the mass adoption of electric vehicles. On top of that, we are witnessing rapid growth and development in the charging infrastructure as well. Hence, that will encourage people to take up EVs even more. Let us keep an eye out for the latest developments in this field.

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