Hit by Maruti Alto, Toyota Fortuner Rolls Over 4 Times

A bizarre case has emerged where a Maruti Alto hit a Toyota Fortuner, causing the latter to roll over 4 times. Indian roads are full of accidents. In fact, we witness such unfortunate cases on our roads on a daily basis. In some cases, there are CCTV visuals which clarify the exact reason behind the crash. But in some cases, we just have to assume the reason after analysing the aftermath. This case belongs to the latter. Let us take a look at the details of this latest incident.

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Maruti Alto Hit Toyota Fortuner

This video comes from Prateek Singh on YouTube. This channel features content around the performance of vehicles during unfortunate situations, as well as road safety. On this occasion, a case emerges from Madhya Pradesh. As per the information in the video, the Fortuner and an Alto were approaching an intersection. However, none of them applied brake or slowed down. This took place during the night. Hence, people are often less careful and drive at high speeds. That is exactly what happened here.

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Due to high speed, no one was able to control their vehicle and the Alto hit the Fortuner from the side. Due to inertia, the high SUV toppled over and flipped 4 times before coming to a halt. Unfortunately, the driver of the Fortuner died on the spot. There was another person in the Fortuner. The details of his well-being are scarce. There are marks of damage to the SUV. In fact, the people are seen getting the Fortuner back on its feet. Also, the occupants of the Alto escaped without major injuries. The front section of the compact hatchback is damaged.

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Author’s Note

This is a prime example of what overspeeding can do. We lose lakhs of lives on roads each year in crashes. Most of these happen due to people flouting traffic regulations. As far as this case is concerned, it is common for a compact car to cause a large SUV to topple over easily. This is due to the angle of collision and the momentum the vehicles are carrying. This should not be used to judge the build quality of any vehicle. Let us pledge to be responsible drivers and encourage everyone around us to adhere to the traffic rules. Make sure to report those miscreants to the authorities, who take these regulations for granted and jeopardize the safety of everyone.

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