Indian Startup Demonstrates Autonomous Driving Capabilities in Mahindra Bolero

A Mahindra Bolero is seen showcasing its autonomous driving capabilities. Many startups are working actively on developing autonomous driving technology. On the global scale, Tesla comes to mind which has been immensely ambitious with its Autopilot program. It aims to develop cars with Level 5 fully autonomous driving capabilities. With rapid advancements in technology, more players are emerging to compete at the global scale to get an early-mover advantage in this space. Swaayatt Robots is a Bhopal-based company which has done some tremendous work in this domain in the last few years. This Bolero represents the outcome of that hard work.

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Mahindra Bolero with Autonomous Driving Capabilities

This video comes from Swaayatt Robots on YouTube. Sanjeev Sharma is the founder of this company which was established in 2015. The aim of the company is to achieve Level 5 autonomous driving capabilities in the most challenging road conditions and offer the technology at an affordable price to the world. This 3-minute-long video of a special Mahindra Bolero navigating its way through the arduous road conditions highlights the working of this tech. The aim is the take into consideration real-life road conditions through a sub-urban environment. As a result, the software and hardware are designed and calibrated accordingly. These components are able to assess the situation and make the decision depending on the real-life conditions.

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This demonstration highlights how effectively our motion planning and decision-making algorithms enable seamless autonomous driving through various traffic and environmental conditions. The vehicle initiates its journey in an open environment near the temple, free from traffic regulations. As it moves out of this area, it adopts autonomous navigation, adeptly manoeuvring through intricate traffic situations. This video is a result of years of hard work and demos, including off-roads, on-roads, bidirectional traffic negotiation single-lane roads, and toll-plaza navigation. The final aim is to take this technology to the world.

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Author’s Note

It swells our chests with pride to see an Indian startup achieve such feats. While we often look to the West for any latest development in technology, this is a great example to showcase the talent and dedication of an Indian company. We understand that autonomous driving technology is not something that can be achieved and perfected overnight. It will still take a long time to become common. Until then, robust and relentless work needs to happen in order to make this technology more sophisticated. Let us keep an eye out for more details in this regard.

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