Kerala Man Converts Maruti 800 into Rolls Royce for Rs 45,000

There are just too many innovative people in our country who can achieve truly incomprehensible things.

In a shocking incident, a man from Kerala created a Rolls Royce out of a humble Maruti 800 car for an expense of a mere Rs 45,000. Innovation and creativity have achieved extraordinary levels, especially in India. The essence of ‘jugaad’ symbolizes the nation’s ethos, where people resourcefully leverage available resources and ideas to address issues without hefty expenditures. This ingenuity frequently results in the creation of distinctive, homegrown solutions for a diverse array of challenges. However, it’s worth mentioning that on occasion, these ingenious concepts are primarily crafted for entertainment purposes. Now, let’s delve deeper into the specifics of this latest event.

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Rolls Royce from Maruti 800

This video comes from the official NDTV India channel on YouTube. The prominent journalist and host reports about this unique contraption. A man from Kerala decided to display his creativity. He had a regular Maruti 800 car. It has been one of the most iconic products of the Indian automobile industry for decades. That is the reason why a lot of people use it as a blank canvas to portray their innovation. This man took his Maruti 800 and spent around Rs 45,000 on it to create a Rolls Royce-like product. The resemblance, at least at first glance, is uncanny.

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Now there are not too many details about the specifics of this project. Nevertheless, we are able to deduce some aspects. For instance, the front section has been completely modified to give it a squarish appearance which is a trademark of the luxury car marque. In fact, the man has gone into the details of designing the iconic Spirit of Ecstasy emblem on the bonnet. The side profile is almost unchanged. There are tiny tyres which give away its true identity. At the rear, the boxy silhouette continues. Overall, this is quite impressive for the price but not enough to fool everyone.

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What We Think

We admire the talent and creativity of our countrymen. Such projects are a testament to the kind of innovation this country possesses. It may look like this project has no application. But the fact remains that people devise such local techniques to come up with unique solutions to many problems on a daily basis. This is simply one example of it. Therefore, we truly support such endeavours. We just need to caution our readers to never use such cars for daily activities and driving. It is possible that the safety of the car could be compromised. Needless to say, you could get in trouble with the traffic cops for illegal modifications.

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