Land Rover Defender Towing a Trailer Carrying a Crane

Indian roads can be full of surprises and this Land Rover Defender towing a trailer which is carrying a crane is a prime example of this. People keep adopting hilarious practices to showcase the capabilities of their vehicles. Moreover, In order to grab the attention of their social media followers and garner views, they keep uploading such content online. That is exactly what is happening in this video. Let us take a look at the details of this latest instance.

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Land Rover Defender Towing a Trailer Carrying a Crane

This post comes from h0465705 on Instagram. It captures a video of a commotion on the road. Looking at the numberplates, it appears to be somewhere from Haryana. A khaki Defender is seen pulling a massive construction on the road. It is towing a trailer. However, what is absolutely unbelievable is that the trailer has a colossal crane mounted on the back. In essence, the Land Rover Defender is towing all this weight on the road. Needless to say, this stunt has attracted a lot of onlookers.

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In fact, there is a mini traffic jam created on the road as unsuspecting road users are gathering to find out what’s going on. They are recording the entire saga on their smartphones. Because of the extreme weight, the assembly is moving at a snail’s pace. Still, the very fact that the Defender is able to pull this configuration is quite impressive. Nevertheless, we think that the risk of damaging the vehicle is not worth all this attention for a social media post. Obviously, if anything goes wrong, fixing a luxury SUV like the Defender won’t be a cheap procedure at all.

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Author’s Note

We would never advise anyone to jeopardize the health of their cars in order to create viral content. Unfortunately, we live in the age of social media. People end up doing all sorts of mad activities just to get more views. We must remember not to endanger our health and safety and the safety of the car. In this case, this entire episode has even created a traffic jam causing convenience to the road users. Let us pledge to be responsible road users and not mimic such activities.

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