Mahindra e20 Electric Car Catches Fire in Middle of the Road

In a recent development in Bengaluru, there has been an incident involving an electric car catching fire. This incident is quite unusual in the sense that all previous case of fires in EVs are pertaining to electric two-wheelers. The incident, captured on camera, shows the now defunct Mahindra e20 electric car engulfed in flames while on the road. This video has been circulating on social media and has been reshaped many times. From the looks of it, the car was completely engulfed in the fire which erupted for reasons unknown at the moment.

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Mahindra e20 Catches Fire at Dalmia Circle in JP Nagar, Bangalore

On Saturday, September 30th, an alarming incident took place in the JP Nagar area of Bengaluru, where a Mahindra e20 electric car suddenly caught fire as it reached the Dalmia Circle in JP Nagar. Fortunately, there have been no reports of casualties, and all passengers emerged unharmed from the incident. Currently, the exact cause of the fire remains unknown. However, this event follows a series of recent incidents involving electric scooters catching fire, raising concerns about electric vehicle safety.

Numerous cases of electric vehicles igniting have been reported, raising concerns about their safety. One notable incident involved an Ola Electric S1 Pro scooter catching fire in Pune. A video capturing the scooter ablaze in the middle of the road circulated on social media, highlighting the seriousness of the issue. Following this incident, several other instances of electric scooters catching fire came to public attention. This lead most companies to launch a thorough investigation and even initiate recalls where required.

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Raises Concern on Safety of Electric Vehicles

The occurrences of electric vehicles spontaneously igniting during operation or when exposed to high temperatures, such as under the sun, have become a significant cause for concern. These incidents have prompted important inquiries into the safety and resilience of electric vehicles. In the competitive pursuit of the electric vehicle market, some companies appear to be neglecting safety concerns. It is crucial for companies to consider the potential threat to human lives resulting from such incidents when introducing electric vehicles to the market. While the reason for the Mahindra e20 catching fire is unknown, we’re sure a thorough investigation from the carmaker will be done to ascertain the cause.

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