Man Installs ADAS on Old Honda Amaze at Shockingly Low Cost!

A Honda Amaze owner installs aftermarket ADAS and wireless smartphone connectivity features. There is almost nothing that is not available in the aftermarket these days. People end up modifying their cars with all sorts of products imported from anywhere in the world. Apart from that, there are tons of new technological amenities that people end up installing from car shops instead of buying higher trims from the factory. In this way, they save some money and install only those aspects which they like. This is a prime example of that. Let us take a look at the details here.

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Aftermarket ADAS and Wireless Connectivity

This information comes from prakashparadisee on Instagram. The host explains the accessory in real-world conditions. There is a large touchscreen display. It shows the camera feed and calculates distances of nearby cars with all sorts of information. It offers an audio warning when a car in the front comes too close. In addition, this setup also allows wireless smartphone connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This is a great tool for people to experience these modern safety and convenience features in their old cars. Almost all new cars already come with many such features from the factory above a certain segment.

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Price of ADAS Feature

Using wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto can have tons of benefits. People generally have to take their eyes off the road if they wish to use their phones. Since that is illegal and perilous, they must stop the car every time they even have to look at the screen. But with these connectivity features, all the apps in your smartphone can easily be accessed on the screen of the car. This includes your entertainment apps, hands-free calling, message alerts, etc. The caption in the post mentions that this costs a reasonable Rs 10,500.

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Author’s Note

It is great to acquaint oneself with the latest amenities on offer in the aftermarket these days. Leveraging modern technology, many startups provide solutions and convenience features to people. We concern ourselves with such instances in the automobile space. That is how we stumbled upon this product. If you are looking to make your old car smart and wish to keep using it for some time, this might serve a great purpose. Still, make sure to do your due diligence to research about such products.

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