Man Lifts His Ola S1 Pro with Crane to Test Genuine Accessories

In a bizarre occurrence, a man lifts his Ola S1 Pro with a crane just to test the strength of the genuine accessories. Performing weird activities on roads is rather common in our country. We always keep finding someone doing strange stunts or experiments. This trend has become mad famous on social media. As a result, just about anyone tries creating viral content. For now, let us take a look at the details of this latest case.

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Man Lifts Ola S1 Pro with Crane

This post comes from shantanu_patel09 and favouriteautoacc on Instagram. The visuals capture the entire episode in full depth. The aim of this experiment is to test the strength of local accessories in comparison to genuine accessories. To achieve this, the host installs the aftermarket accessories on his electric scooter first. He calls the crane operator and secures the harness to commence lifting it up in the air using these accessories. However, as soon as this experiment started, the parts broke.

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Then he installed the genuine accessories and repeated the experiment. Sure enough, the crane was able to lift the electric scooter 12 feet in the air for about 1 hour. Note that the harness was tied to this component only. Thereafter, they brought the scooter down. It is clear from this experiment that the genuine accessories offer better quality and ruggedness in comparison to the aftermarket components. That is the reason why they charge higher amounts and have to maintain certain standards. Hence, you must opt for genuine spare parts for automobiles.

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Author’s Note

We appreciate the effort that the host put into the activity. This gives the viewers great insights into what the differences between aftermarket and genuine accessories are. Still, we would like to caution our readers to never attempt anything like this yourself. You can get informed about the strength of these spare parts from such videos itself. That will ensure that you don’t endanger your safety and the safety of others around you including the electric scooter.

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