Maruti S-Presso Converted into Range Rover is Just Distasteful

Another comical copycat Range Rover has been converted from a humble hatchback no bigger than a Maruti S-Presso. Aftermarket car modification houses often come up with insanely ambitious plans. However, the world of automobiles is witnessing a trend of creating replicas of premium luxury cars based on everyday budget vehicles. This is the latest example of that. Let us take a look at the details of this SUV which is made to appear like a Range Rover Sport, but is little known small car instead.

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Maruti S-Presso-Sized Hatchback Converted into Range Rover

This instance arrives from mohitvihem on Instagram. It captures a rather strange visual. A man emerges from what looks like the Range Rover Sport. However, the host of the video mentions that this is actually a Maruti S-Presso. In reality though, it’s a cheap Chinese EV instead. While the front fascia of the replica is well-created, the side profile and the dimensions give away its true identity. At the front, the car modifier has given it a sturdy treatment with a sleek rectangular headlamp cluster, a massive grille, LED DRLs integrated on one side of the headlamp unit (much like in the original Range Rover), a sporty bumper and a rugged skid plate.

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It is only once the camera moves to the sides of this replica. The alloy wheel design is rather simple. It is what we experience on budget cars. The doors are small and the wheelbase is clearly that of an entry-level urban vehicle. At the rear, the car house has tried hard to mimic the tail section of the original Range Rover. But the width of this weird contraption indicates that something doesn’t add up. All in all, we appreciate the effort but it just doesn’t sit well with automobile enthusiasts like ourselves.

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Author’s Note

I firmly believe that innovative designs like these captivate both online audiences and real-life spectators with their unique charm. However, it’s imperative to consider the laws of our country. For instance, we’re aware that most car modifications are unlawful in India. If stopped and questioned by traffic police, you’re liable to receive a citation and may be instructed to undo the alterations made to your vehicle. Thus, it’s crucial to proactively consult your local RTO first to understand the legal protocol. In fact, you can have your registration certificate (RC) amended accordingly to ensure compliance and avoid potential issues with the authorities.

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