Maruti Suzuki Applies To Get Its Cars Tested at Bharat NCAP

The largest carmaker in the country, Maruti Suzuki, has applied for Bharat NCAP (New Car Assessment Program) testing for some of its cars. The Government of India introduced Bharat NCAP in August last year (2024). However, there was a bit of a delay in testing the first car under this program due to the festive season. Finally, we witnessed the Tata Harrier and Safari siblings score a full 5-star safety rating at the Bharat NCAP in December 2023. Now, we are expecting more popular cars from other carmakers to undergo this test.

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Maruti Suzuki Cars at Bharat NCAP

Maruti Suzuki becomes the next carmaker to apply for testing the safety ratings of some of its cars. It remains to be seen which models will go for the testing. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to know what scores they end up getting. Traditionally, Maruti Suzuki cars have received huge flak for being low on build quality. In fact, the previous Global NCAP results have been less than desirable for the largest carmaker in the country. Hence, it would like to change that going forward.

Bharat NCAP is based on the Global NCAP. As a result, most tests possess the same criteria as the Global NCAP. Impressively, India has become one of the few nations in the world to have its indigenous crash testing program. It is great to see our nation achieve incredible heights in the automobile industry. We are already the third biggest automobile manufacturing nation on the planet only behind the US and China.

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Bharat NCAP Safety Test
Bharat NCAP Safety Test

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Author’s Note

Having cars with high safety ratings will enhance the overall road safety of the country. India is, unfortunately, home to lakhs of road accidents and casualties each year. It is high time we start adhering to the traffic regulations. Another key aspect in this area is the availability of cars with high safety ratings. Bharat NCAP will help popularize the trend of safer cars in times to come. People are already becoming more aware of the importance of safer cars. In fact, they take into consideration the safety ratings of cars before making a purchase decision. This is only going to intensify going forward.

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