Men Stand Atop a Moving Modified Maruti Alto, FINED Rs 23,500

We witness bizarre instances on our roads frequently and this is a prime example of that.

In this latest case, men stand on top of a modified Maruti Alto 800. Indian roads are full of incredibly stupid people. These days, they often jeopardize their personal safety and the safety of others just to create viral reels. Social media attention is a serious problem today. People don’t think twice before risking their lives just for some views and followers. Thankfully, the Police do their job and punish these miscreants appropriately. Here are the details of this latest case.

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Men Stand on Moving Maruti Alto 800

This video comes from chaudhary.sahul on Instagram. It captures a rather disappointing sight. Two men are sitting on the roof of an Alto while the car is in motion. The vehicle is heavily customized. You would need to pay some attention to decipher which model it actually is. They are sitting on the roof and the doors of the car are open. Supposedly, they are trying to make a viral reel. People often do such idiotic stunts just to get some views on their social media handles and boost their follower count. But this puts them at a lot of risk if anything were to go wrong.

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Police Fines Them

Because they had uploaded this video on the internet, it also reached the Police. The authorities sprung into action and slapped a fine of Rs 23,500 for these stunts. That seems appropriate if it could dissuade them from attempting something like this in the future. Implementing fines as per the law is the only way to make these people understand that what they are doing can have harmful consequences. In fact, since this goes on the internet, there could be thousands of people who would try to imitate it. Their safety could come under scrutiny.

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What We Think

We strongly discourage such behaviour. There are multiple reasons for this. Firstly, they are harming their own security. Secondly, there could be people in the surroundings who might get affected in some way without their own fault at all. Finally, this spreads a wrong and dangerous message among the netizens who could invariably try to imitate whatever they see online. Hence, their safety is indirectly dependent on such videos. Let us pledge to be responsible road users and follow traffic rules. If you find anyone performing such mindless acts on the roads, you must report them to the authorities.

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