Monster Bajaj Pulsar Can Be A Decent Dominar 400 Replacement

A digital automobile artist has come up with a monster Bajaj Pulsar 400. Digital artists in the online world channel their creativity to create engaging illustrations of well-known motorcycles. The Bajaj Pulsar, a widely recognized name in our country, provides various versions to suit individual preferences. Allegedly, Bajaj is gearing up to introduce a new flagship model with a larger capacity of 400 cc in our market, replacing the current Dominar 400. For now, let’s delve into the details of this latest illustration.

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Monster Bajaj Pulsar 400

This enticing iteration comes from abin_designs_511 on Instagram. The artist has ensured that he doesn’t go overboard with this illustration. As a result, he ends up creating something that we could easily see going into production. At the front, it bears a large fascia with a sleek LED headlamp and a prominent windshield. The handlebars are compact. I also like the striking fairing. It accentuates the overall demeanour of the motorcycle. There are also sturdy side body panels to protect the motorcycle during adventurous rides.

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Apart from that, the bike features a muscular fuel tank and a split-seat arrangement. This is typical of sports bikes. At the rear, the profile is quite sleek and modern. In fact, the grab handle looks really sharp. Moreover, the exhaust pipe is quite compact and narrow. But it is finished in a blingy material. Finally, I love the way the artist has designed its alloys. At the front, the alloy wheel bears a large disc, while at the rear, the size of the disc is slightly small. But the tyres on both wheels are broad which is reminiscent of performance motorcycles. Such tyres ensure maximum traction and grip.

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Author’s Note

We commend the dedication of digital artists who focus on automotive design. They consistently reveal captivating reinterpretations of beloved motorcycles. Their creations provide a departure from the usual. Given the substantial popularity of Pulsar motorcycles in our market, any new and thrilling interpretation of these bikes injects a breath of fresh air into the scene. Bajaj might benefit from such creative approaches in designing its future 400-cc flagship motorcycles. We’ll be eagerly anticipating what that might entail.

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