Ola Teases Solo, India’s First Autonomous Electric Scooter,

Ola has introduced its first autonomous electric scooter. The videos of the EV driving itself are going viral on social media. Ola is an ambitious Indian EV startup which has revolutionized the electric two-wheeler category. It has been offering its popular electric scooters in our market for a long time now. We have not seen a self-driving electric scooter until now. This is a clear indication of where the company is heading. Let us take a look at the details here.

Ola Autonomous Electric Scooter

Ola showcased this self-driving electric scooter on its official YouTube channel, Ola Electric. The engineers behind this futuristic project are highlighting the tech this EV comes with. In terms of design, there is not much difference to the existing range. It means that the exterior is minimalistic with a rectangular headlamp cluster with rounded edges. It is powered by QUICKIE.AI technology which is capable of taking split-second decisions. Moreover, this tech is powered by an in-house LMAO 9000 chip. This ensures great computing power in minimum time while analysing real-life traffic data.

Once the battery of the Ola Solo is low, it automatically finds the nearest charging station using the VISHRAM Feature by Electrosnooze Quantum. Using Machine Learning, the Ola Solo is able to learn from its behaviour and activities on the roads to get better every day. For instance, it will learn how to move on a speed breaker, dodge potholes, navigate through traffic, and keep making improvements the more you use it. Interestingly, it even gets a human mode where it makes small talk with other vehicles and people. It also gets a summon feature which lets it drive itself to your location from a tight parking spot. All in all, Ola is ensuring that it integrates seamlessly with the society.

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Author’s Note

Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal announced it a few days ago. He mentions that the company has been working on this prototype for a very long time. This is the future of mobility. What’s more important is the fact that every component, ideation, and technology in this EV has been designed in-house. We shall keep an eye out for further developments in this case.

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