Old Mahindra Thar Converted into New Thar

A prominent aftermarket car modification house has converted the old Mahindra Thar into a new one. New car shops exhibit remarkable capabilities in transforming almost any car to resemble any other model. The Thar has reigned as the nation’s premier off-roader for decades, with its latest iteration commanding an unparalleled level of demand. Waiting times for certain trims in specific cities extend to nearly a year, underscoring the immense popularity it enjoys. Despite this, numerous existing Thar owners remain across the country. Here’s a guide on how they can upgrade their vehicles to the new Thar model.

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Old Mahindra Thar Converted into New Thar

This video comes from HER GARAGE on YouTube. The host is interacting with the creator on this Thar. The latter explains the details of the kind of modifications this Thar consists of. This includes a Wrangler-inspired front fascia which sports round LED headlamps, a new fender LED turn indicators, metal bumper, new radiator grille with matte finish, a working snorkel, auxiliary LED lights, tow hooks, new alloy wheels with off-roading tyres, pronounced wheel arches, new LED taillamps, tailgate-mounted spare wheel, metal rear bumper, graphics on door panels and more. Many components are hand-made to make it look appropriate in conjunction with the new Thar. It also has nitrogen suspension for added comfort.

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The car shop has worked a lot on the cabin of this Thar as well. In fact, that is one area which gives the viewers the information about the exact DNA of the SUV. Note that the new Thar boasts tons of modernization on the inside including the dashboard, centre console, door panels and more. But the modification house has displayed its own creativity to design this specific model. There are speakers on the doors, a huge central console between the front seats with numerous buttons, a two-seat configuration, a sunroof, new seats, and more. There are changes to suspension as well. The car house can convert all models from 2010 onwards to the new Thar. If you wish to convert your old Thar into a new stock Thar, the price is Rs 5 lakh.

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Author’s Note

We acknowledge and value the enthusiasm of those who seek to personalize their vehicles for a unique appearance. However, it’s crucial to note that most car modifications are not permitted under Indian law. Consequently, such alterations may prompt encounters with law enforcement authorities. Therefore, we strongly discourage our readers from pursuing extensive and elaborate vehicle modifications. If you still wish to make specific customizations, it’s imperative to first consult your local Regional Transport Office (RTO). By ensuring that your modifications comply with legal regulations, you can have them officially recorded in your vehicle’s registration certificate. This proactive approach will help you avoid potential issues with authorities down the road.

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