Old Toyota Land Cruiser Seen Carrying a 3-Door Jimny!

In a strange action sequence, an old Toyota Land Cruiser was spotted carrying a 3-door Jimny. Land Cruiser is known for its immense reliability and durability. On the back of such traits, it has been among the most recognized and desirable products from the Japanese carmaker in many international markets for decades now. On the other hand, even the Maruti Jimny has an impressive legacy. It is one of the most popular lightweight off-roading SUVs in many parts of the world. Its history spans over 5 decades. Let us take a look at the details of this bizarre case.

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Land Cruiser Seen Carrying 3-Door Jimny

These images come from richtorque on Instagram. Note that these are still images. There are no details about it moving on the road with this on its back. Also, the visuals inform us that this is the dual-cab version of the 70 Series Toyota Land Cruiser. The Jimny has been tied quite securely on the back. Also, since both these vehicles are not available on sale in India, we assume this comes from abroad. Also, the number plates prove our hypothesis. Nevertheless, this stunt is not easy to pull off. This is a brief example of just how capable the old Land Cruiser is.

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We must mention here that such stunts are not easy to pull. In fact, we don’t want our readers to imitate these activities. There are all sorts of activities on the internet to create viral content. In most cases, people take appropriate safety measures behind the scenes. Therefore, you should not try to replicate these stunts. The chances of you causing injury to yourself or others, or damaging the vehicles are high. You must consume such content with a pinch of salt and for entertainment purposes alone.

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Toyota Land Cruiser Seen Carrying 3-Door Jimny
Toyota Land Cruiser Seen Carrying 3-Door Jimny

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Author’s Note

Performing such acts on roads can bear perilous consequences. Most vehicles are typically not designed to get involved in such activities. Sure we can think of the Land Cruiser as an SUV which has immense capabilities to perform incredible feats. Still, that doesn’t warrant us abusing it for no reason at all. It is high time we start becoming responsible drivers and adhering to traffic regulations at all times. Also, we have to make it a point that we don’t get influenced by what content creators do online.

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