PM Modi’s Mercedes Maybach S650 V12 Guard is a Vault on Wheels

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a Mercedes Maybach S650 V12 Guard as his official car.

PM Modi’s Mercedes Maybach S650 V12 Guard is one of the most extraordinary vehicles on the planet. This model is offered to only the top political leaders around the globe. Being the car of the top politician in the country, it is bound to have unmatched features and safety amenities. PM Modi’s Merc is no different. Note that this is the upgraded model. He will use it to commute going forward. Apart from that, there are other official cars in his convoy too. This includes the likes of Range Rover SUVs and Toyota Land Cruiser. These are often seen during rallies and election campaigns.

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PM Modi’s Mercedes Maybach

This post comes from mercedesmaybachinindia and autoaddicts.india on Instagram. It captures the motorcade of the Prime Minister of India. The location seems to be an airport. The new Mercedes Maybach model is visible in its full glory. Additionally, there are other security vehicles and security personnel around the PM’s car too. This new model is a routine replacement by SPG. Special Protection Group (SPG) is an independent body responsible for the security of the PM. They replace the car models and install safety equipment in the car as they deem fit. They don’t need to get permission from the protectee for these aspects. Their core job is the highest protection of the PM.

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The SPG decided to not give away too much information about the details of what this special vehicle has to offer. This is done to ensure that the safety of the PM is not compromised. The less information available, the less chances of miscreants trying to take advantage of it. In any case, we are certain that this model will come with protection against bullets and explosions. There will be run-flat tyres which can still run for some distance even after being punctured. Finally, there will also be an artificial fresh air circulation system in the case of a chemical attack. The price of this car is around Rs 5 Crore, as opposed to the popular belief in the media of over Rs 12 Crore.

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Car Collection of PM Modi

PM Narendra Modi has been the Chief Minister of Gujarat prior to being the Prime Minister of the country. Hence, he has always been surrounded by official cars. These include the likes of an armoured Tata Safari, Mahindra Scorpio, Range Rover Sport HSE armoured, BMW 760Li Hi-security armoured, Toyota Land Cruiser armoured, Range Rover Sentinel, and the latest Mercedes Maybach S650 V12 Guard. All these are designed to offer the utmost level of security in addition to great driving dynamics.

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