Police Mahindra Scorpio Runs Out of Fuel on Way to Court

In a hilarious and bizarre turn of events, a bunch of prisoners were spotted pushing the Mahindra Scorpio of the Police after it ran out of fuel. Indian roads are home to some incredulous incidents. This one certainly qualifies as one. We witness hilarious instances on social media. This time around, a case has emerged from Bihar. Let us read the details of this viral incident here.

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Prisoners Pushing Police Mahindra Scorpio

This post comes from autojournal_india on Instagram. The visuals showcase 4 inmates pushing the Police vehicle. The description of this post clarifies that the SUV ran out of fuel in the middle of the road. These prisoners were on their way to the court for hearing. With no solution in sight, the inmates were left with no option but to push the SUV manually. That was necessary as the SUV was in the middle of the road. Had it stayed there for long, there would’ve been a long traffic jam. As a result, it was the best course of action for the occasion. In fact, we even see a rope tied around the prisoners so that they don’t run away.

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We have reported countless unfathomable instances about Indian roads on our website. With the advent of social media, things get viral in no time. Hence, the netizens are always engaged in such strange cases. One user commented, “Gaadi me tel khatam hua hai, Banduk me goli nhi.”. Another one wrote, “I never knew prison accommodation was so much in demand! Food must be good.” It is clear that the internet users were having a blast.

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Author’s Note

We don’t wish to comment on this as we are not aware of the full story. It is possible that this might have been an isolated incident and not a regular occurrence. In any case, it is quite funny, as well as disappointing at the same time. This should not be the condition of our Police department. Let us keep an eye out for such viral cases in times to come.

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