Rosmerta Unveils DMS Tech at Bharat Mobility Expo, Offers ADAS Features

To be initially available to fleet operators, Rosmerta Technologies has come up with an AI-based Driver Monitoring & Alert System at the Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024. The indigenously-developed device offers a slew of features, including real-time tracking and Level 0 ADAS capabilities. The device costs Rs 30,000 and can be installed on any non-ADAS-equipped vehicle.

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Salient Features of Rosmerta’s Driver Management System

Real-time insights: Featuring dual cameras, IR blasters, GPS, and G-sensors the device provides real-time insights into driver behaviour. This should help fleet operators monitor driver’s conduct and enhance the safety of the vehicle occupants.

  • ADAS Features: The system equips non-ADAS vehicles with ADAS level 0 features. These include overspeeding alerts, driver fatigue warning and collision warnings.
  • Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (CV2X) Integration: The system seamlessly integrates CV2X technology, facilitating communication between vehicles, infrastructure, and pedestrians for a connected and secure road ecosystem.
  • Vision AI and M2M Connectivity: Utilizing state-of-the-art Vision AI and M2M connectivity, the DMS brings passive ADAS features into vehicles, ensuring a frugal yet futuristic approach to road safety.
  • Incident and Video Capture Logic: Differing from traditional video surveillance, Rosmerta’s DMS prioritizes usability by capturing incidents and videos in a way that resonates with human behavior, making it an intuitive and effective safety tool.

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Rosmerta DMS Dashcam with ADAS 2

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Speaking at the launch event, Karn Nagpal, President of Rosmerta, said, “Rosmerta is committed to ushering in a new era of safety and accountability on Indian roads with our AI-Based Driver Monitoring & Alert System. By closely monitoring driver behavior in real-time, we aim to significantly improve road safety, particularly for fleet operators. We believe this technology holds immense potential for widespread adoption, extending beyond fleet management to benefit individual buyers and taxi fleets. Rosmerta remains dedicated to providing practical, accessible solutions for a safer and more secure automotive experience.”

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