Skoda Slavia Was a Motorcycle 124 Yrs Ago

We bet most of you didn’t know that the Skoda Slavia was once a motorcycle. To be honest, even we came to know about this intriguing fact only recently. The Czech carmaker is one of the oldest automobile companies in the world. But in the beginning, it even manufactured motorcycles. In fact, we can barely call them motorcycles. Back in 1899, Skoda manufactured a bicycle with an engine and named it Slavia. 124 years later, we see the Skoda Slavia premium mind-size sedan plying on the Indian roads.

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Skoda Slavia Was a Motorcycle

The captivating video comes from fasbeam on Instagram. The popular automobile content creator finds himself in a Skoda museum. It contains Skoda vehicles from the inception of the company. That is how he gets to showcase to the viewers this Slavia motorcycle. Digging a bit deeper, we found out that Skoda had a workforce of 32 back in 1900 when it exported 150 machines to London for the Hewtson firm. That is how far this nameplate goes. The only difference from today is that it used to be a motorized bicycle back then. But today, it is a popular premium mid-size sedan.

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Furthermore, the vlogger also gives us a glimpse of other iconic names in the museum. For instance, there is the Skoda Superb from the 1940s with a colossal 8.0-litre engine. It bears the iconic vintage look and is painted in black colour with the spare tyre on the front left fender. Only 100 units of this beauty were ever produced. Since IC engines were not that fuel efficient back then, it came with a 100-litre fuel tank. Then he moves on to the Skoda Octavia from the 1960s. Finally, he even offered a glimpse of the Rapid. All in all, this trip back to history is fascinating and informs us about the initial days of the Czech auto giant.

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Author’s Note

As automobile enthusiasts, it gives us immense satisfaction and pleasure to get a history lesson while sitting in the comfort of our homes. It is crucial to know where an automobile company was started and what were its initial days like. It is not often that we get to witness all these aspects of a 160-year-old company. The fact that these models are still kept at this museum in the flesh in top condition is a testament to how much they mean to folks at Skoda. If only we remember where we came from, can we truly appreciate where we are going.

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