Tesla Cybertruck Owners Complain About Rust on Pickup Truck

A few Tesla Cybertruck owners share a common complain about rust patches on the body of their EVs. Cybertruck is one of the most talked-about EVs on the planet. In fact, it was in the news for 4 years since 2019 when it was first showcased. It finally launched in December 2023. Thereafter, there has been a huge buzz online about the reviews of the critics and owners. They have taken the electric pickup truck on challenging terrains to test its capabilities. However, there have been some concerns as well. Let us take a look at the details of one such case here.

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Tesla Cybertruck Owners Complain of Rust

Internet is full of opinions of Cybertruck owners about its performance and characteristics. While most of them are overwhelmed by the capabilities of the futuristic-looking truck, some have reported concerning news too. One such case comes up from cybertruckownersclub.com. A certain Raxar shared his abysmal experience with the EV recently. He said that he parked the truck outside for a couple of days in rain. Due to the moisture and water content in the air, the surface of the truck started forming small flecks of rusts. That is quite shocking!

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He writes, “I picked it up in Dublin [California] yesterday (Thursday) it was pouring raining, drove it up to Sacramento and there’s a bunch of tiny orange specks and a few water spots. The orange dots aren’t huge, they’re very tiny but they’re apparent. Sure I haven’t washed the car yet but it’s only been two days in the rain.” He even shared photos of what the problem is. Interestingly, he was not the only one complaining about rust formation on the Cybertruck. It is unfathomable to think about such issues in brand new products with just a couple of days of rain. We wonder what would transpire in the monsoon season.

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Author’s Note

We understand that rust formation is not uncommon in vehicles. However, it generally takes place after years of ownership. Modern cars have galvanized paint protection from the factory which protects the vehicle from rust for a at least a few years. Thereafter, it depends on how much you take care of the car. Some car owners never face the issue of rust in their cars ever. That is why it is extremely shocking to encounter this problem with a couple of months of ownership on a vehicle which costs over $100,000 USD (approx. Rs 83 lakh INR). We can only hope that the carmaker looks into it and provides an official statement addressing it.

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