Video Shows How Motorcycle Fuel Tanks Are Manufactured

This detailed video captures the entire process of how motorcycle fuel tanks are produced in a factory. India is home to one of the biggest two-wheeler markets in the world. Moreover, it also houses some of the biggest two-wheeler manufacturers on the planet. Hence, it is intriguing to check out how various components of a bike are manufactured in a factory. Let us take a look at the details of this case.

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How Motorcycle Fuel Tanks Are Manufactured

This video comes from Top Works on YouTube. It takes into consideration the details of various processes which lead to the creation of the final product. Firstly, the metal is cut into thin malleable sheets. The workers take this sheet, one-by-one, and put it into a machine which gives it a basic shape. It results in creating a hump in the middle of this sheet. Thereafter, it is put through another pressing machine which gives it the oval or tear-drop shape. This forms the basic silhouette of most fuel tanks of bikes. After that, the edges of this metallic tank are smoothened by removing the extra material.

Now, you must’ve seen the space for a fuel tank cap and a screw which holds it in position. This is drilled into the body in this step. Then the hammering process takes place to bring it in shape. The inner fuel tank is constructed thereafter from yet another metallic sheet. It is slightly narrower than the exterior body and fits inside it. Using the welding process, the corner edges of the external fuel tank body and interior fuel tank body are connected. The edges are smoothened even further after this. After this step, various parts are welded onto this tank. Interestingly, the tank is then tested for leakage by putting it in water. Finally, it is washed thoroughly, painted and dried in an oven. That is how the final product comes to us.

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Author’s Note

Videos like these are great for providing insights into the manufacturing processes of automobile components. While this might not interest a lot of people, it is a great opportunity for auto enthusiasts like ourselves to delve deeper into how the products are produced. We only get to see the finished product. But it is fascinating and intriguing to go through the process of how the hard-working specialists prepare these parts. We hope to see more such processes.

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