Vlogger Tries to Restart His RE Himalayan After 954 Days

A popular vlogger abandoned his RE Himalayan for 954 days and tried to restart it. Some people end up in a situation where they are not able to use their vehicle for a prolonged period of time. There could be many reasons for this. For instance, if someone shifts to a new city and has two cars. Chances are, one of the vehicles will be abandoned for a long time. Apart from that, if you purchase multiple vehicles, if you are not regularly rotating them, one of them will remain non-operational. This looks like a case which encompasses both these scenarios.

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Vlogger Restarts His RE Himalayan After 954 Days

This post comes from Karl Rock on YouTube. He confirms that he has not touched his Royal Enfield Himalayan for 954 days. That is close to three years. He had wrapped it with a body cover in a parking lot. Naturally, there was a lot of dust on it. He takes the cover off and sees that the dust has even entered inside. This includes on the body, chain, seats, instrument dial, handlebars and more. Finally, he tries to start it. But the bike won’t start. That is understandable since the battery of the bike would’ve died. Also, there could be other issues with it.

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He calls the RSA and tows the bike to the service station. The mechanics work their magic and give it a deep cleansing. Also, they replace the defective parts, lubricate the components and clean up the motorcycle. Eventually, the Himalayan becomes almost as good as new. In total, it ended up costing him just $84 (approx. Rs 7,000). The vlogger is originally from New Zealand but is married to an Indian and lives here. He is simply blown away by the cost of servicing in India. He also mentions that he would’ve been able to get anything done in this amount back home.

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Author’s Note

This video is a testament to the RE Himalayan’s reliability and engineering. In almost 3 years of standing still, most of its components were still in great condition. However, we would recommend our readers to ensure that they keep their vehicles running. Remember, machines are made to work. If they stay unused for a long time, they are bound to get dysfunctional.

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