VW Tiguan Gets Emerald Green Paint Shade of Mercedes

A professional aftermarket car modification house has applied the Emerald Green paint of the Mercedes-Benz on a VW Tiguan. This might sound like a weird German mashup. However, the final outcome is quite special. Many car owners opt for colour changes to their vehicles to give them a new life. It is the easiest way to transform the appearance of any car. This even ensures that one doesn’t have to go for hardcore modifications to the exterior components, which are anyway illegal in our country. Still, permission for colour change from the RTO is needed. For now, let us take a look at the details of this latest case.

VW Tiguan in Emerald Green Paint

This video stems from Autorounders on YouTube. The host of the video, who is also the owner of the car shop, explains the entire process. Firstly, he mentions that this paint belongs to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. His company imports the original paint from Germany and France. Hence, only the top quality product is used in the car. Moreover, to ensure that the paint reaches every corner of the vehicle, every panel of the car is removed. This includes door panels, seats, doors, boot lid, headlamps, taillamps, bumper, grille, etc. In fact, he mentions that this is the process which is followed in the car companies as well.

Thereafter, the original paint is removed and the surface is made smooth for the new paint to sit well. The video gives us glimpses of the entire process. Firstly, the bottom layer is applied. Once that dries up, another coat of paint is applied which is needed to enhance the shine of the surface. After the paint is done on every corner of the metal, the panels and components are pieced together once again. Even the alloy wheels are painted black while the brake callipers are green in colour. I must admit the final product looks extremely premium. The video shows the impeccable finish during the close-up shots of the VW Tiguan.

Our View

As mentioned previously, changing the paint of the car without informing the RTO is illegal. You will get in trouble with the authorities. Hence, it is best to approach the RTO and intimate them about your plans. Once you get the new paint, you must present it before the officials. They will click some photos of the new paint and issue a new registration certificate. The previous RC then becomes invalid. That is the correct way to go about this entire procedure. Even the host in the video suggests this to the car owners. In that way, you will not have to worry about any legal situations.

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