YouTuber Buries BMW 5-Series Underground for 12 Months- Video

In a strange experiment, a prominent YouTuber buries the BMW 5 Series underground for 12 months. It is fascinating to witness what some vloggers do in order to garner views and offer entertainment to their viewers. This video comes from CrazyXYZ on YouTube. This channel boasts a jaw-dropping 29.8 million subscribers. That is just mind-boggling. They often do unthinkable acts on public demand. For now, let us take a look at the details of this latest case.

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YouTuber Buries BMW 5 Series Underground

Note that this is the old 5th-generation model. The exterior clearly highlights its old design. The thing about his YouTuber is that he often sacrifices many vehicles to create content. This is a prime example of that. He brings a JCB with him to the location where they wish to bury the Bimmer. They dig a large hole in the ground which is long and deep enough to swallow the large luxury sedan. In a matter of minutes, the JCB digs a massive hole. Before burying the sedan, the vlogger takes it out for an off-roading ride along with his friends. They don’t know when they will see the car again.

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After doing a few rounds on the off-roading track, the vlogger brings it to the burial location. They lift the car up using a thick strap and JCB and put it inside the hole. As the vehicle rests inside the hole, the YouTuber gets the idea to start the engine and put some fruits on the seats of the car. Thereafter, they start filling the hole with mud. Finally, the sedan is completely underground. The vlogger says that they will take it out either in 12 months or when the channel hits 35 million subscribers. In any case, the BMW is going to be there for a long time now.

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Author’s Note

YouTubers often adopt weird methods to grab the attention of the viewers. However, some vloggers take things to the next level. This channel is one such example. On this occasion, they have put a Rs 50 lakh car underground just for content. This video has received over 1.3 million views in just 19 hours. That is the kind of popularity this YouTuber commands. We shall keep an eye out for what happens to this BMW in the coming months.

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